segunda-feira, junho 21, 2004

tema do dia

let me see the world you're building now.
fear and anger feels so sweet,
it's hard to hear your voice, when it's only in my head,
it's a part of you in everyone I meet.

your screams still hunt me down, I'm on my knees,
trying to imagine how it must have been,
the soil is still crying, the rust on the leafs,
will never fade away from the pictures in my head

tell me that you're here
that you never went
that it's all a dream
this has never been
why don't you answer me, don't leave us empty handed.
though I know it's real,
but still I try
cause in my world
you would never died
why don't you answer me, don't leave us empty handed

every night, sleepless, how I want a second chance,
for what it’s worth, to say I’m sorry
and to say a last goodbye, how I regret that I didn’t stay,
to hear your laughter one last time
when you hunt the dreams of those who stole your breath,
ask them how they possible can sleep at night,
send them my regards, that I’ll be waiting
here in front of your grave, I’ll be waiting

Icon of Coil

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