quarta-feira, junho 09, 2004

sendo assim...

Raramente tenho a capacidade de escrever tudo aquilo que queria.
Por isso prefiro, muitas vezes, postar uma letra de uma música que o fará muito melhor do que eu alguma vez o faria.

Esta é uma delas.

Soul in isolation
I can hear you breathing down the hall
Soul in isolation
I can hear you crying through the walls
And if I had a mind to now
I could call to you
Or I could simply shut you out
No more would you cry

I'll give you my time to kill
But you'll never never
Break my will
Or I could sink a sleeping pill
And in the morning could be
Sleeping still
But most of you are much too ill
Way beyond a surgeon's skill
In bondage to a dollar bill
What more can you buy?

Oh, when you think on it
We're all
Souls in isolation
Alive in here
I'm alive in here

Come here
A word in your ear
You can't go back to the trees

Big bad giant standing tall
Crushing all the creatures
Great and small
I'd like to see this giant fall
When will it come

Words that rattle round my head
Struck by lightning someone said
A diamond bullet through the head
Hits me right in the brain
Are they right in the brain?

Will I see the jailer's face
Did my mother bring me to this place
Will I live to see his face
Will others come to take my place
In total isolation
Surrounded by crowds
Too many tears
From too many clowns
Surrounded by crowds
In another world
Head in the clouds
I'm alive in here
I scream
But you still don't hear
I'm alive in here
I'm alive
Turn on the light

When you think on it
We're all souls in isolation
I'm alive in here
I'm alive

We're always searching for something
Dear dear dead days I'm longing for you
Sweetest virgin
Now deflowered

The Chameleons
Soul in isolation

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