sábado, junho 05, 2004

Alegria todo o dia!

Dear Sir, Dear Lady
This carnival is dead and gone
And never, anyway-alas, this party never yet began
The chairs and tables dust of dust
Yes verydust of veryrust of verymust and farewelltrust
(I thought I saw You in the crowd, dearheart
You turned away from me and dissolved into light)
The broken lights and faded buntings
Call to us all: The Inmost Light
And don't glarewide Your eyes in wonder
They will flick back inside Your mind
And on the bonescreen of Your skull
They watch no musichall salutes
(So thoroughly modern now we are)
But the last reel of all time
The Inmost Night
(Its frames are glared and slow and out of focus
Valentino, Vallee, Moss-all dead!
The Inmost Night)
And the little bells go tinkle
And Your eyes begin to twinkle
And the joints and sinews crack
It's the expansion of Your mind
(The Inmost Night)
The cat's face glares from shiny card
The deadcat from my past
You tumble, You froth and fun forever:
An orchestra from another time
Another world all dead
(The churchbells silent; the rainstainedglass of GOD is smashed)
And You take Your choice,You sup with the devil,
You choke on Your pride for ever and ever)
My memory of my Inmost Light
It tumbles, froth and fun forever
Vulvaicmemories imagined of my wouldbelife
Well that won't be
And that won't be
And that won't be
And for my troubles and my pain
And for the losses and the Wains
I get a picture in my mind
The slyly smily smiling kiss
Of Your sweet Heart and Face
And Your legs in some final benediction
Your inmostwarmheart says ta-ra
The Inmost Light
And I wished to die inside of You
And push up into Your heart so violently that
Facetoface with matrix creatrix am
The Inmost Light
The Inmost Night

Current 93
The carnival is dead and gone

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